woman is delivered from demons

Woman is delivered from demon that had bound her to never marry

There are many days in the life of an individual. However, we hold dear special moments in our lives not only because we’re fortunate to see them happening in our lives but because it is a command and a blessing from the Almighty God. And one of those days is the day we marry. This woman was denied her utmost blessing by the devil himself.

after 3 years of abnormal pregnancy, woman finally gives birth

After 3 years of dangerous pregnancy, woman finally gives birth

Woman’s abnormal pregnancy stretched to 3 years instead of the natural 9 months that it’s supposed to last. Branded a witch, with no signs of labour to be felt, this woman’s life was a living hell until the power of God immediately callled the child out of the mother’s womb.

Teenager delivered from demons in deliverance service hosted by Bishop Innocent Rugagi

A failure! A teenager’s awful destiny is completely restored

Imagine your whole life is made hostage spiritually and nothing works out for you. You might wnat to get a job, you can’t get it. You wake up early in the morning to go to school only to fail miserably. You hope to marry one day but it will only be dreams and never materialize. What manner of failure is that? This is the story of a teenager whose life was turned upside down.

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