Young lady coughing up blood from lung disease

Young lady healed from terrible blood spitting disease

Just imagine spitting blood since the day you were born and nobody, not even your family or a doctor, can do anything about it. This is the story of a young lady whose life was a nightmare ever since she was born with this miserable disease. She lived in constant fear that the coughing would erupt out of nowhere when she least expected it. One can only bear to imagine the public shaming she would face should it occur in public.

Woman receives miraculous healing from severe back trauma

Woman receives miraculous healing from severe back trauma

Miraculous deeds are not stories we read in the bible. They are real and powerful; witnesses all over the world can testify of the veracity of it. This lady traveled all the way from Ottawa,Canada to meet the man of God. Though it would’ve been her wish to meet him personally, she was located by the power of the holy ghost and her healing couldn’t wait any longer. Watch this video as she receives the impartation of healing and IMMEDIATELY goes on to testify of the power of God.

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