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DAY 2 // Youth ” B.O.O.T” Conference // Building on our testimonies

Table of Connection
June 26,2021
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How many times have you heard people say, “the youth is the future.” Quite many times you would say, right? There is simply this undeniable factor that a movement, an organization or whatever structure there is needs to involve some young blood in hopes to “stay in the game”. Seats in countries political ladder are won thanks to the proactivity of the youth involved in the outreach system. Opinions are forged from within their boiling sentiments. And we could go on and on about how much the youth is extraordinarily , powerful ,in and out.

Though the statement above praises the youth for its great potential, it goes without saying that the youth are immersed in so many things that are not always conducive to their well-being. From criminality all the way to juvenile pornography, there is much that plagues the youth. The question is, how do we prevent their light to be dimmed and corrupted by those influences? The hosts of the the TV7 Family Channel’s show ” Table of Connection” may well have found an answer to that through this youth conference rendered as a boot-camp, with key speakers ready to impart the wisdom to the young men and women gathered for this special occasion.

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